Cuban contemporary dance workshop

In 2013 I created a Facebook group called The Birmingham Dance group. Since 2016, the demand  for more than just an online presence has brought it to expand. We are now a group of pro-dancers living and working  in the city of Brum. And our mission is  to #inspire you.


The first of our #beinspired dance workshops, will be hosted by Cuban-contemporary dance artist Shelley Maxwell, at The Dance Workshop studios in Birmingham.

We invite dancers to participate in a high energy workshop, combining contemporary movements with the sensual rhythms and music of Cuba. Dancers will explore the unique blend of Cuban movement with the numerous principles found in the Graham technique. Participants will work with undulations, spinal manipulations, travelling sequences and specific movement combinations that encourage us to see the body not as a single unit, but as a combination of different parts.

Exercises will also explore the shifting of weight through space whilst demanding a sense of attack and musical dynamism. All these elements will be combined to create a dynamic, and culture-rich movement experience. Sure to challenge – and absolutelyto inspire!

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop will be suitable for: pro dancers, teachers experienced amateurs and/or A-Level dance students, and those in their 2nd or 3rd year of University dance study.

Cost: £15 (2hr workshop)


Please note that spaces are very limited for this one-off intensive. We recommend you get booking!