In 2013 I created a Facebook group called The Birmingham Dance group. Since 2016, the demand  for more than just an online presence has brought it to expand. We are now a group of pro-dancers living and working  in the city of Brum. And our mission is  to #inspire you.


The first of our #beinspired dance workshops, will be hosted by Cuban-contemporary dance artist Shelley Maxwell, at The Dance Workshop studios in Birmingham.

We invite dancers to participate in a high energy workshop, combining contemporary movements with the sensual rhythms and music of Cuba. Dancers will explore the unique blend of Cuban movement with the numerous principles found in the Graham technique. Participants will work with undulations, spinal manipulations, travelling sequences and specific movement combinations that encourage us to see the body not as a single unit, but as a combination of different parts.

Exercises will also explore the shifting of weight through space whilst demanding a sense of attack and musical dynamism. All these elements will be combined to create a dynamic, and culture-rich movement experience. Sure to challenge – and absolutelyto inspire!

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop will be suitable for: pro dancers, teachers experienced amateurs and/or A-Level dance students, and those in their 2nd or 3rd year of University dance study.

Cost: £15 (2hr workshop)


Please note that spaces are very limited for this one-off intensive. We recommend you get booking!



Lyrical and contemporary. Jazz-funk and hip-hop. Cuban Salsa. These are the styles of dance I love, that I practice, and luckily (for me!) teach in every week.

Take a look at the snaps below – read the detailed information about each class on my website, and go with your gut. Whether you’re an experienced dancer, a newbee, or a someone looking to flex your rhythm-tones, I’ve got something you might enjoy…..!

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Well done to my ladies for their performance at Big John’s Mela this weekend.  Fantastic to be apart of such a  diverse, colourful festival. There’s some real talent out there in our second city. Safe to say some of it appears in the shots below. Once again, well done ladies.

Thank you to all the pros backstage, to Sharm for inviting us, and to the crowd for whooping your socks off. We loved every minute!

If you fancy working with us, performing with me, or trying out some New style Jazz moves in  class, get in touch. I’m only too happy to answer any questions you might have, or take bookings.

Chow for now x

Join me for a choreography summer class in contemporary, lyrical, and jazz.

Friday 26th August  2.30-5pm

Cost: £20 

Test your strength, stamina and creative ideas. 

This workshop will inspire dancers to work together to create precise and simple movements patterns, influenced by the diversity of traditional forms. Participans will explore lyrical movement, expressive lines, and fluid motion through a combination of contemporary, jazz, and dance-theatre exercises. The workshop will culminate in a group piece, combining taught and improvised material generated during the workshop.

Previous dance experience required. At least 2 years. 

Payments must be made in advance of the workshop. Non refundable. 

Venue: The Dance Workshop studios, Birmingham, B13 8EE

TO BOOK: / 07804 206 871

As part of the Moseley Festival 2015,  Dance Artist, Practitioner and Writer Helen Calcutt will facilitate a special contemporary choreography taster workshop at The Dance Workshop studios in Birmingham. // Open Level adult workshop (16+)


Expect a fresh approach to contemporary and modern dance practice, exploring ways to connect and express your stories to music and choreography.

Participants will be guided through an energetic dance-theatre warm up, followed by a combination of learned phrasing and a series of choreographic games. Dancers will develop an insight into the variations and patterns of contemporary and modern dance, provided with the creative tools to shape and devise their own movement phrases and choreographies.

This is an open level workshop, perfect for those who love to move, and are interested in contemporary dance and creativity. Beginners welcome.

The workshop will run from 8.30-9.45pm on Tuesday 7th July at a special discount price of £5.

To book, please contact:

Your teacher in action!


Exciting creative collaborations are to follow the launch of ‘a bodily writing’ at London’s Southbank centre this Summer. Below is a list of workshops and events taking place from the Autumn through to the new year. To book on any one of these courses please read the relevant information attached.


Poetry and dance workshop with Helen Calcutt at Library of Birmingham.

Birmingham Literature Festival invites you to take part in a new movement and language project led by dance artist and poet Helen Calcutt.

This two-hour taster workshop will introduce new ways of thinking about movement and the dialogue between dance and verse, bringing the ideas, patterns, rhythm, and shapes of language to life.

Participants will explore the physicality of language, engaging with a series of quick energetic creative tasks, learning and then adding to movement phrases developed in choreography from Owen Sheers’ poem ‘Last Act’.
Participants will explore rhythm, contact, tension and release, the manipulation of space, and play with extensions of time.  This workshop will explore how the energy of poetry can be transposed into movement, offering participants the chance to engage with their own responses and ideas, with quick-fire group work, bursts of writing, and physical choreography.

This is a chance for professionals and/or learners of both dance and poetry to explore their art-form in a different way. To be challenged, surprised, and engage with the potential dialogue between language and movement.
The workshop will be followed by a public showing of the pieces devised, with each group performing their choreography together in the round.

Workshop runs October 7th
5.30 – 6.30pm
Informal public showing:  7pm

To (contact is subject to change)



This Summer Barefoot Dance will be launching ‘A Bodily Writing’, a movement and language fusion project.


The project will launch at London’s Southbank Centre, with a one-day workshop, as part of Poetry International and The Festival of Love. The workshop welcomes  professionals and non-professionals alike of both dance and poetry to explore the physicality and musicality of words, phrases, sounds and feelings.

The workshop will be hosted at Spirit Level, in the Royal Festival Hall. Please bring comfy clothing, good footwear and refreshments.

For more information please visit the Southbank Centre Poetry International website. We suggest booking your tickets now to avoid disappointment.




écriture corporelle – a ‘bodily writing’

Monday 21st July

Foyer Spaces

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